Goole Individual Pool League
Sponsored by   The Marshlands - The Middle House - The Vermuyden
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All games are 7 frames. Could everyone read the rules of the IPL.

This site will provide up to date fixtures and results for the

Goole Individual Pool League.

I.P.L. Champion
Neil Buck
The Goole Individual Pool League Sponsored by
Majestic Garage (Goole) Limited. 01405 768558

We can confirm that this summer the Goole IPL will host Goole`s first £1000 pool tournament,

Thanks hugely to our sponsor Majestic Garage.There will be a £10 entry fee. The tournament will be run from The Marshlands, The Vermuyden and The Middle House  Prize money will be well spread.

To be a part of this please get your name down asap, estimated date Saturday 5th July, but will confirm.